Monday, April 21, 2008

It's all coming back to me again. :(
I slept at around 3:45AM because I was busy texting with someone very special.
Yes,I loved him before but we both know that were better off as friends.

2 months ago,he told me that he'll be leaving the country to have a vacation at California with his dad.I thought that he will be coming back here right on time for the opening of classes but I guess it wouldn't be that way.He's not sure if he'll still be going back because the decision is up to his father, so more or less he won't be coming back anymore.He'd left for the states this 8 in the morning.Sad :(

I'd certainly miss him.He's one of my true friends although I just met him last year.A confidante,a kuya and a joker is what he is to me.He'd make me laugh when I'm down and would cheer me up whenever I'm frustrated about my studies.Aww,I wish he didn't have to go.

Saying goodbye has never been easy for anyone.I remember November of 2006 when I also shed tears for a friend who had to migrate on the States and now I am on that situation again.I wish to see him again someday.I'LL SUPER MISS HIM.

So to you,kilala mo naman kung sino ka eh.Mag-iingat ka dun ha?Pakabait ka.If mag-decide tatay mo na pabalikin ka dito sa Pilipinas,sabihin mo agad sa'kin para ako unang bubulagta sa gate ng bahay n'yo.Mamimiss kita ng sobra,wala na akong ka-puyatan at kaasaran.Kumain ka ng marame dun,gusto ko pag nakita kita ulit mataba ka na.Basta I'm just a buzz away lang naman sa YM or itext mo ko,rereplyan kita kahit mahal.Bleh!Labyoo Yatot.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

At last,I have a new layout.Haha.I just find cupcakes cute although I don't eat them.I just love looking at them because of their colors.

Anyways,I haven't been attending the required summer classes for nursing students since I'm not yet enrolled.Crap!But I'll be enrolling na next week since the start of the summer classes of my future school will be starting on Monday and their allowing transferees to enroll late.Hahahaha.

Actually,I'm having second thoughts regarding my course, on whether I'll pursue it or not but I think I will since sayang naman ang 2 taon na pinaghirapan ko.Hopefully 2 years more then goodbye college.Oh,I'll still be taking the Local Board Exams since I don't have plans yet of getting employed abroad maybe it'll take time to convince me to work on foreign land as a nurse.

I told myself that if ever I get to finish nursing I won't get myself a job in another country eventhough it means that getting a lower pay.Of course I want to provide for my family and get them a better living but for me, I can give them that without me living the Philippines.Haha.I'm being Nationalistic.

I'm not against those who take Nursing as a ticket to settle their foot on foreign land because I know how hard it is to earn money here in our country.Its just that, it isn't my thing yet.
Who knows diba?I may eat up my word but not for now.

Err.I think I should end this stuff.,it's nonsense.I know. :P
Goodnight everyone.

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